Information Systems essay
Johnathan In terms of triple constraints, (time, scope and cost) I believe the most important for MTC is currently scope. I chose scope as the most important for MTC as the duration until implementation is key. The scope must remain on track in order for the timeline to hold steady which will maintain costs at the estimated value. If the scope begins to grow, time will increase, and cost will rise. “The Triple Constraint says that if we want to shorten the schedule (time) we must increase cost. It says that if we want to increase scope we must increase cost or schedule.” Baratta, A. (2006). In order to ensure the scope of the project does not alter or shift, weekly status meetings will need to be conducted. Additionally, prior to soliciting to outside organizations key individuals would need to meet to discuss exactly what they desire of a product thus developing the scope. The outside org would determine cost and give a timeline they could meet. It will be up to the project manager to ensure all parties are in agreement and monitor the project through each step to ensure the scope does not grow into more than what was previously planned. Reference Baratta, A. (2006). The triple constraint: a triple illusion. Paper presented at PMI® Global Congress 2006—North America, Seattle, WA. Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute. Chris The Triple Constraints all effect the quality of the end product. Manipulating or compromising on one of these three variables affects the other two. For MTC, implementing an automated hiring system is most likely going to be met with time constraints. Time is currently the most significant factor in implementing a new process as MTC is expecting at least two large contracts to be awarded soon and the demands for manpower are considerable. MTC is going to need to most likely pay more or reduce the scope of the project in order to meet their deadline for hiring on new contracts. Based on the company case study, there are many concerns for cost and usability of a new system, but most importantly, MTC expects to expand relatively rapidly in the near future. This, in my opinion, makes time the most concern. MTC does not necessarily have the time allotted in their business objectives to allow for an extended implementation of a new system, especially a project that concerns one of their core business functions. Time is best managed on a schedule and with achievable goals. Taking from the SMART concept of project planning, planning for a new system needs to meet certain criteria in order to maximize planning efficiency. Determining specific plan objectives and scheduling them at achievable and measurable time frames ensures the highest chances of successfully meeting those goals. I would ensure system implementation success by setting goals and deadlines for key system components. Meeting these deadlines and measuring success rates on past project goals helps in determining efficiency and capabilities in establishing the new system as a whole. -research paper writing service