Industrial Espionage and Detective Controls 1 – DAM & Auditing
1)  Think about this hypothetical scenario: David Doe is a community administrator for the ABC Firm. David is handed over for promotion thrice. He's fairly vocal in his dissatisfaction with this example. In actual fact, he begins to precise unfavourable opinions in regards to the group on the whole. Finally, David quits and begins his personal consulting enterprise. Six months after David’s departure, it's found that a great deal of the ABC Firm’s analysis has abruptly been duplicated by a competitor. Executives at ABC suspect that David Doe has performed some consulting work for this competitor and should have handed on delicate information. Nevertheless, within the interim, since David left, his laptop has been formatted and reassigned to a different particular person. ABC has no proof that David Doe did something fallacious. What steps might need been taken to detect David’s alleged industrial espionage? What steps might need been taken to stop his perpetrating such an offense? Write your reply utilizing a WORD doc. Do your personal work. Submit right here. Notice your Protected Assign rating. The rating have to be lower than 25 for full credit score. 2)   Write an essay of at the least 500 phrases discussing the explanations for the 2 new auditing roles in Oracle 12c. Why did Oracle take into account them needed? What issues do they remedy? How do they profit firms?   Don't copy with out offering correct attribution. This paper will probably be evaluated by way of SafeAssign.  Write in essay format not in define, bulleted, numbered or one other checklist format.   Use the five-paragraph format. Every paragraph should have at the least 5 sentences. Embrace three quotes with citation marks and cited in-line and in a listing of references. Embrace an fascinating significant title. Embrace at the least one quote from every of three completely different articles, place the phrases you copied (don't alter or paraphrase the phrases) in citation marks and cite in-line (as all work copied from one other must be dealt with). The quotes must be full sentences (no extra, much less) and must be included in your dialogue (they don't change your dialogue) as an example or emphasize your concepts. Cite your sources in a clickable reference checklist on the finish. Don't copy with out offering correct attribution (citation marks and in-line citations). Write in essay format, not in bulleted, numbered or one other checklist format.