Polar Bears Essay

Class: Ursidae. 9bPhysical traits: Bears have huge heads, spherical ears, small eyes that face ahead, very quick tails, and stocky legs. They're plantigrade, strolling on the heels and soles of their toes like people do. Every paw has 5 curved claws that aren't retractable, or can't be pulled again. Habitat: The polar bear habitats embody all the Arctic area. Polar bears have tailored to have the ability to dwell within the water and on land. Not like different bear species, the polar bear are glorious swimmers, and have been noticed greater than 100 miles away from land or ice.

The polar bear habitat is that of all the Arctic area. Life cycle: Feminine polar bears attain sexual maturity at about 4 to 5 years. Male polar bears attain sexual maturity at about six years. Breeding takes place from March to June on the ocean ice, however most happens throughout April and Might.

Through the breeding season, men and women discover one another by congregating in the perfect seal-hunting habitats.

Male polar bears have been seen following the tracks of breeding feminine polar bears for greater than 100 km Competitors for females is intense. Females breed about as soon as each three years; subsequently, there are about three grownup males to each breeding feminine. Earlier than mating, a feminine polar bear could also be accompanied by a number of males. The males struggle fiercely amongst themselves till the strongest or largest male succeeds in chasing the others away. Dominant males could achieve mating with a number of females in a season. Females have infants within the den whereas hibernating. Polar bears life span is about 15-18 years. Prey: The Polar bear’s essential prey is the Arctic seal which is a wealthy supply of high-fat blubber.

They've a really fascinating approach of catching their prey. A Polar bear would make a respiratory gap someplace in the course of an unlimited ice expanse. Seals would usually come out of those holes to breath. The Polar bear would patiently lie on its abdomen with its mouth close to the opening, ready for any unlucky seal to look. This wait might generally final for a number of hours earlier than a Polar bear might have his meal. Polar bears additionally prey on bearded seals and harp seals. When this prey is tough to seek out, Polar bears would assault younger walrus, narwhal, fish, seabirds and eggs. Species standing: Polar bears have been added to the listing of threatened species as a result of polar bears are weak to this lack of habitat.

Searching of polar bears as a meals supply by sure native folks and commerce in native handicrafts constructed from polar bears may even proceed. Nonetheless, importing polar bear merchandise from Canada (the place trophy looking is authorized) will probably be banned. Air pollution from man-made kills polar bears additionally Use for people previous and present- pas was they have been hunted for meals and fur. Current nonetheless hunted but in addition hunted for trophies however that has been banned Fascinating information: Polar bear cubs be taught to freeze and stay nonetheless whereas their mom hunts. In the event that they transfer, the mom disciples them, with a whack to the top. A polar bear’s fur will not be white!! It's hole. The fur displays mild. The hole fur additionally traps the suns warmth to assist maintain the polar bear heat. Referred to as the king of the artic.

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