Humanities Discussion essay
Possibility 1Select a murals from any style that depicts or tells the story of an actual life occasion from any time interval, resembling The Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon and the Coronation of Empress Joséphine on December 2, 1804 by Jacques Louis David.Embrace the title and the artist and a few background of the occasion. What's the relationship between the murals and the occasion? Did the artist depict the occasion precisely? Does the artist make modifications concerning the occasion? If that's the case, why do you suppose the artist made these modifications? Look at the artist's message within the depiction. Help your level(s) with a press release from the artist.orPossibility 2Select a piece to debate from one style that interprets a piece from one other style.Embrace the title, artist, and outline of each works. Look at how the artist of the second work captured the topic or story of the primary. Help your level(s) with a press release from the second artist that discusses the affect, reasoning, or interpretation of the unique work on the second work.-research paper writing service