Human sexuality

Premarital Sex Problems Essay

It is mainly because of the media where they come to know all about sex. That too the world of pornography makes many to think that the world is full of sexual activities and nothing more. Added to that now plenty of commercial sex workers (flesh trading) waiting to hook up and that is the […]

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Cybersex: Human Sexuality Essay

Human sexuality is an enormous part of a human life and people are constantly faced with sexuality challenges. As the world evolves, ideas and inventions are voiced and created to make life better for everyone and the internet is one of these creations becoming an essential part of many lives all over the world. Cybersex […]

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Ang Tundo Man May Langit Din Essay

Beyond what feels good, back to what is good In a relationship doing foolishness is all part of the game that everyone plays. I have known many teenagers at my age even younger than me thinks that having a relationship or so called boyfriend/girlfriend makes them proud for themselves. Not knowing you violated God’s order […]

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