Human Resource Management essay
Observe: Write a paragraph describing your experience completing the Smarter Measure self-assessment. How did it feel to respond to questions about your situation, habits, and behaviors? Before I started the self-assessment, I thought I knew everything about myself. The assessment made me aware of my own biases. The assessment made me realize that I need to take time out of the week to study and be successful while obtaining a degree. I was surprised at myself and realizing that I can be bias within myself when it comes to handling education and life. Knowing all of this I must find balance between the two to be successful. Process: Write a paragraph describing what parts of your self-assessment results surprised you. Whether or not you had any surprising results, also describe the results that did not surprise you. What did the self-assessment reflect about you that was interesting or familiar? I was not surprised that my Technical Knowledge is pretty good. I have always been computer savvy and I know enough to be successful in online courses. My Typing Skills was at 98% with my typing at 73WPM. I am okay with Time Management which surprises me because I always feel like there is not enough time in the day. The assessment also told me that I have a strong Reason for Continuing my Education, I have a great place to study but I should work more on distractions when it comes to studying. I have an Aural Learning Style. I just didn’t know it was called that. I will ask for help from my professor or colleague if I don’t understand. Analyze: Write a paragraph describing why or how the results of your self-assessment could be important as you work through your courses at Walden. How might it be useful to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses as you begin your studies? I’m glad this assessment included strengths and not just weaknesses because I feel like there are lots of things, I can work on to better myself to be successful. My typing skills and tech savvy ways is my strengths and give me confidence that I can be successful. Although I must work on time management, it is my weakness. I know once I get that I will be okay and able to focus and balance life. I think getting better with retaining information after I read it would also make me successful. All in all the self-assessment has been a eye opener for me and has shown my biases within myself and how to adjust to being successful while doing online learning.