Human Relation essay
HUMAN RELATIONS IN MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY As you continue to develop your own understanding of who you are throughout this course and program, you must also challenge yourself to feel discomfort to learn about others and their experiences. During the course of this course, we will address the topic of discomfort and how you know that you are feeling uncomfortable in a situation. Once identified, your challenge is to be a part of an event in which you feel uncomfortable. Critical reflection surrounding the event, why you were experiencing discomfort during the event, and what you learned from your experience will occur in the form of a paper. A rubric is posted describing the scoring; refer to rubric for specific expectations. For this assignment: 1) Use the discussion feed from Week 5's discussion to help you think about discomfort and what is discomfort to you. 2)Please reflect on an event or opportunity that has happened (or will happen) throughout the course of this class. It is possible to reflect upon an event that happened in the past, but for the necessary reflection needed, please do NOT pick an event that happened prior to April of this year. Please know that it does not need to be a formal event, at times you may experience bias in a walk down the street, when driving in a new neighborhood, or when watching the evening news. Think about the video that we watched, and how it made her uncomfortable to realize that when flying in turbulence, a man would be a better pilot. 3) Please let me know if you have a question about a possible event, but please know that this is one of these assignments that it is more about how you are approaching a situation and critical reflection about what was uncomfortable to you is essential. If you just ask me if a particular event will work, it is hard for me to say yes or no, as it is not my critical review to say if I would feel uncomfortable in a certain situation. 4) This assignment is really about you and your journey. Though I will be reading your narratives, I will not judge your event, we are all in different places in our Humanistic journey. Instead, I would love to see you use this assignment as a way to reflect upon your own biases and move towards acknowledgement of them. -research paper writing service