HS150 World Civilizations I
Historical past homework assist>World historical past homework assistHS150 World Civilizations IInstructions: Remember to save an digital copy of your reply earlier than submitting it to Ashworth Faculty for grading. Except in any other case said, reply in full sentences, and be sure you use right English, spelling, and grammar. Sources have to be cited in APA format. Your response ought to be 4 (four) double‐spaced pages; check with the “Format Requirementsʺ web page for particular format necessities.Describe the conquests of Alexander the Nice and analyze the legacy of his empire. (Discuss with Chapter 7 of your textbook and extra references) Remember to point out his affect on Persia, India, and Egypt in addition to the cultural implications of his conquests.Assist with historical past project>Help with world historical past homeworkWorld Civilizations I (HS150)Earlier than submitting your reply to Ashworth Faculty for grading, be sure to protect an digital copy of it. Reply in total sentences until in any other case instructed, and ensure to make use of correct English, spelling, and grammar. The APA format have to be used to quote sources. Your response ought to be 4 (four) double-spaced pages lengthy; for additional data, see the "Format Necessities" web page.Describe Alexander the Nice's conquests and assess his empire's legacy. (Discuss with Chapter 7 of your textbook for extra data, in addition to supplementary sources.) Point out his victories in Persia, India, and Egypt, in addition to the cultural penalties of his conquests.