College students are required to submit their main response (200 phrase minimal). College students will reply to no less than 2 different postings (150 phrases minimal every). What are a few of the main causes of violence within the office? What can corporations do to defuse this example? REPLY - 1 (GARA)     Office violence is unquestionably a hot-topic within the discipline of HRM in at the moment’s fashionable enterprise surroundings. Whereas there are numerous circumstances that may result in office violence, most frequently the triggers are private stressors. Some widespread circumstances that may result in aggravating conditions are firm mergers, layoff or company closures, demotions or disciplinary actions, main private loss (ie. dying or divorce), monetary issues, or vacation seasons (Saint Lukes, n.d.). Office violence just isn't discriminatory, all enterprise may be topic to this tragedy. Nevertheless, there are specific enterprise environments which might be at a a lot larger danger. For instance, workers who cope with the general public, particularly those that trade cash and workers who work late night time shifts or in high-crime areas (U.S. Division of Labor, 2002). Corporations nationwide are confronted with office violence and there are numerous preventive measures that companies can implement to mitigate this danger and enhance the protection of their workers. The preliminary step is to determine a zero-tolerance coverage for office violence and ensure it's extensively publicized all through your group (U.S. Division of Labor, 2002). One other preventive technique is to supply security schooling so workers know what unacceptable conduct is and what to do in the event that they bear witness to this sort of conduct (U.S. Division of Labor, 2002). Employers ought to safe the office surroundings by putting in cameras, additional lighting, alarm programs, safety guards, and restrict entry to the power by the usage of safety badges and checkpoint entry (U.S. Division of Labor, 2002). There are various different issues that employers and workers themselves can do to cut back the danger of office violence, however sadly we can not completely eradicate it. That's the reason it's equally essential to coach your workers on what to do in the event that they discover themselves in a violent office scenario. References Saint Lukes (n.d.) Coping with Violence within the Office: Causes of Violence. Retrieved February 10, 2020, from U.S. Division of Labor (2002). Office Violence. Retrieved February 10, 2020, from REPLY - 2 (LOGAN)   There may be many causes of violence within the office, and it usually relies upon upon the particular office or group as to what might trigger office violence. Nevertheless, a few of the main causes of office violence may start with bullying and occupational stress, which may usually be brought on by employer negligence. (Johnson, 2014) Office violence can result in a psychological situation known as PTED which is analogous to PTSD. Office violence can also be the main reason for dying for ladies within the office, and 18% of all crimes which might be dedicated are dedicated within the office, additionally in keeping with Johnson. Bullying and different types of office violence start when employers fail to create a protected working surroundings. A protected working surroundings is usually one thing that the majority organizations assure or declare to ensure all through the hiring course of, correctly labeled as a prime precedence for potential workers.  Companies can put in place prevention applications and different types of cooperative help to make sure that their group doesn't comprise any type of office violence. The hiring course of can also be essential on this scenario, as employers ought to search to rent those that don't have any historical past or outlook of doable violence in addition to performing routine background checks on each potential worker. Options may also be accessible by Dispute Decision Facilities and Restorative Justice facilities, if an act of office violence has already occurred.  References "Office Violence." Johnson, Okay. (2014). Retrieved from: