PR1MA Group Housing Affordability

AFFORDABILITY RATE AMONG PR1MA RECIPIENTS IN PUTRAJAYA, MALAYSIA Nur Aini Syafawani Binti Umar1 ,Shirley Tan2 and Mohd Zairul bin Mohd Nor3 Master of Architecture (M. Arch) Faculty of Design and Architecture University Putra Malaysia, 43400 Serdang, Selangor Abstract A house is one of the basic important needs for humans. According to Universal Declaration of Human […]

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Social Benefits of Diversifying Residential Units

POTENTIAL SOCIAL BENEFITS OF DIVERSIFYING RESIDENTIAL UNITS DESIGN AS SMART GROWTH CITY PRINCIPLE IN URBAN AFFORDABLE HOUSING. Tan Wan Joo1, Lam Tuck Lone2 and Meor Mohammad Fared3 Master in Architecture1,2, Assoc. Professor3 Faculty of Design and Architecture, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor. ABSTRACT In the recent years, urban affordable housing has been experiencing significant high rise […]

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Housing need and demand

1 Student Number: C1159011 Module: CP0324 Q.2 In assessing current and future housing requirements how would you distinguish between the concepts of housing need and housing demand? Housing need and demand are planning issues for many countries around the world, it’s important that “adequate shelter is available and accessible to meet the needs of an […]

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House prices in uk

Introduction According to a new study from Halifax one of the largest mortgage lenders. House prices in UK have beaten inflation over the past 50 years. It says that have risen 273% between 1959 and 2009 an average of 2.7% annually. But if measured by current prices, it’s uneven. The fastest growth was from 1999 […]

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