Homework help, You are required to write a program to simulate queueing system in the cinema with the following requirements
You're required to write down a program to simulate queueing system within the cinema with the next necessities: 1. There are two kind of shoppers to be served that are: VIP member and non-member prospects. 2. The variety of tickets wished to be purchased by the client are fluctuate in a spread of 1 to 10 tickets. three. There have to be at the least 2 queue (you'll be able to have greater than 2 queues) within the queueing system. Of all of the queues, there have to be one precedence queue which solely permit VIP member to queue up. four. There are four service counters within the queueing system. The service fee of the gross sales employee are as under: o Counter 01: Required 10 seconds to promote 1 ticket. o Counter 02: Required 15 seconds to promote 1 ticket. o Counter 03: Required 30 seconds to promote 1 ticket. o Counter 04: Required 15 seconds to promote 1 ticket. When a buyer arrive on the cinema, he/she's going to go to the queue. If the client is a VIP member, he/she's going to go to the precedence queue, or else if he/she is a non-member, he/she's going to go to the conventional queue. VIP member buyer have to be served earlier than any non-member buyer. Each time there are prospects ready within the queue, the accessible service counters has to name the subsequent buyer and serve them. There shouldn't be any idle service counter besides there's no extra buyer to serve. Pattern Enter The first line of enter represents the variety of buyer that may arrive on the cinema. The following line will characterize the client attribute: Arrival Time (second), Member Kind (V-VIP member, N-non-member) and tickets to purchase. 5 zero N four 10 N 2 20 V 5 25 N 2 30 N 1 Extra Necessities As a programmer, you must seize any details about the queueing system which are helpful for analysing objective and produce as output and write to the file as nicely. For instance, arrival time of buyer, preliminary serving time, finish of serving time, ready time. whole serving time and and so forth. You additionally should implement a scheduling methodology, for distributing the client to the queue, or distributing the client to the service counter from the queue or each. For newbie, you should use first come first serve methodology. It's a must to calculate the completion time which will be derived as the entire time elapsed till the final buyer has been served. Pattern Output That is only a pattern output. You'll be able to show your output in any approach you want. Additional options You'll be able to add further options to achieve some further marks. Instance: * Utilizing GUI to characterize the queueing system. * Implement higher algorithm to realize shorter completion time. * Seize extra detailed details about the queuing system (can seek advice from web for what info to accumulate) and show them within the graph.