Homework help, Problem 1Junction Ltd has the following budgeted sales for the selected four-month period:MonthUnit SalesJuly 20,000August
Drawback 1Junction Ltd has the next budgeted gross sales for the chosen four-month interval:MonthUnit SalesJuly 20,000August 35,000September 25,000October 30,000Gross sales worth per unit is $180Plans are to have a listing of completed product equal to 20% of the unit gross sales for thenext month. There was four,000 items in starting stock on July 1st.Three kilograms of supplies are required for every unit produced. Every kilogram ofmaterial prices $20. Stock ranges for supplies equal 30% of the wants for the nextmonth.Desired ending stock for September is 25,200 kilograms of fabric. Beginninginventory for July was 20,700 kilograms of fabric.Every unit requires zero.6 hours of direct labour and the typical wage price is $16 per hour.Variable overhead price is $three.50 per direct labour hour. There's additionally mounted overhead of$22,000 monthly.The corporate pays a three% fee on gross sales.Firm has mounted promoting and administrative bills as follows:Hire $6,000/monthUtilities $1,200/monthAdvertising $400/month Workplace Salaries $35,000/month RequiredA.Put together a gross sales funds for July, August, and September and in whole for the quarter.B.Put together manufacturing budgets for July, August, and September and in whole for the quarter.C.Put together a direct supplies purchases funds in kilograms and dollars for July, August, andSeptember and in whole for the quarter.D.Put together a direct labour funds in hours and whole price for July, August and September and in totalfor the quarter.E.Put together an overhead funds for July, August and September and in whole for the quarter.F.Put together a promoting and administrative bills funds for July, August and September and in totalfor the quarter.G.Put together an ending completed items stock funds for the quarter. (Trace: You've alreadycalculated the specified ending completed items stock quantity. Assume a secure per unit price and roundthe per unit mounted manufacturing unit overhead price to 2 decimal locations.)H.Put together a price of products offered funds for the quarterI.Put together a budged revenue assertion for the quarter-the firm falls into the 35% tax bracket forincome taxes.