History Essay Question
Tips for Half 2 of the Unit 2 Examination:For half 2 of the Unit 2 Examination, select ONLY 1 essay query from the listing under, which covers chapters 18 and 19 within the textbook. Grades will probably be based mostly on the content material of the reply and have to be greater than 300 phrases in size. Direct quotes don't depend towards the required phrase depend. Half 2 Essay Questions: 1 - In what methods was the Progressive period a interval that noticed each the enlargement and the restriction of political and financial freedoms? 2 - Analyze the varied roles girls performed through the Progressive period, from social reformer, to feminist, to suffragist. How did numerous girls outline freedom? You should definitely distinguish between various kinds of girls and embody the “Voices of Freedom” excerpt in your reply. three - Freedom of expression was given new which means by labor within the Progressive age. Considering again to earlier chapters, examine the varied actions to develop the which means of freedom of expression—from the Alien and Sedition Acts to the abolitionists within the antebellum period—with the labor motion within the Progressive age. Use the “Voices of Freedom” piece. four - Examine the Populist and Progressive actions. Critically analyze why the Progressive motion appeared to have extra success. What had been the restrictions of the Populist motion? 5 - Examine the presidencies of Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson. What made them Progressive presidents? Establish what you consider to be an important items of laws handed throughout every administration. Why are these so important? Lastly, make sure to point out what every president did to develop the which means of freedom for Individuals. 6 - Clarify how Individuals used the language of freedom when discussing international coverage. Look particularly on the international insurance policies of Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson in your reply. Did the which means of freedom change with every administration or keep fixed? 7 - It's April 1917, you're a member of Congress, and President Wilson needs a declaration of conflict. Justify your vote for or towards conflict with Germany. eight - Look at the restrictions positioned on freedom throughout World Conflict I. You should definitely analyze Debs’s piece in “Voices of Freedom,” the Committee on Public Data, and “coercive patriotism.” 9 - Examine the political concepts of W. E. B. Du Bois and Marcus Garvey. What had been the similarities (if any)? What had been the variations? 10 - Look at and analyze Woodrow Wilson’s concepts about international coverage. To what extent did Wilson put into follow his acknowledged concepts?