Gun Control Research Paper
Weapons In The USA In at this time’s society of political turmoil, violence, and financial tragedies, many gun management advocates are pushing for extra gun rules from the federal government. Weapons have been part of America’s lifestyle for hundreds of years. Nevertheless, it was not till the 20th century that the federal government enacted it’s first gun management act. The Nationwide Firearms Act was enacted in 1934, as said in “Firearm Legal guidelines, Rules, and Ordinances,” edited by Sandra Alters, in response to the elevated felony and gangster exercise because of prohibition (19). This act aimed to make it harder to amass particular firearms by establishing a $200 tax on firearms (Alters, ed. 19). In 1968, the Gun Management Act was handed and amended the Nationwide Firearms Act of 1934 to incorporate a wider vary of firearms. This act was handed within the wake of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. The act required firearm sellers to be federally licensed, restricted interstate gross sales of firearms, and forbid the sale of firearms to minors or criminals (Alters, ed. 19). The passage of the Gun Management Act of 1968 was criticized, nonetheless. The principle criticism involving the Gun Management Act of 1968 was that the act penalized law-abiding residents and rewarded criminals (Alters, ed. 20). In 1986, the Firearms Homeowners’ Safety Act vastly amended the Gun Management Act of 1968 in an try to deal with the varied criticisms and issues linked to the act. There have been numerous gun management rules enacted since 1986; nonetheless, the enactment of the Firearms Homeowners’ Safety Act is among the largest rules ever put into place. A lot of the controversy over gun management legal guidelines every now and then includes the second modification to the structure. Right now, lawmakers face a lot stress from gun management advocates, in addition to anti-gun management advocates concerning gun legal guidelines. Nevertheless, placing extra rules on weapons shouldn't be going to alter the way in which that individuals use them, which many gun management advocates consider to be true. There ought to be no additional authorities gun management in America as a result of further gun management won't decrease violence and it isn't financially possible to implement further gun management legal guidelines. Essentially the most vital federal gun management act at this time is the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993, as mentioned in James Jacobs and Kimberly Potter’s article "Protecting weapons out of the 'mistaken' palms: the Brady legislation and the bounds of regulation. " This act requires federal firearm licensees to run background checks on gun sale purchases, and in addition created a federal database for federal firearm licensee’s entry to The Nationwide On the spot Legal Background Examine System (Jacobs and Potter). A 5-day ready interval for the acquisition of a gun was additionally launched. The Nationwide On the spot Legal Background Examine System is to supply entry to names of these individuals not allowed to buy a gun (Jacobs and Potter). The intention of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act was to forestall criminals, or ineligible individuals from buying weapons. The Brady Act expanded the definition of an ineligible particular person to incorporate: unlawful drug customers and addicts, former psychological sufferers, unlawful aliens and individuals dishonorably discharged from the armed forces (James and Potter). This act, together with the opposite rules mentioned, kind the present federal gun management legal guidelines. One central view of gun management advocates in help of further gun management is the idea that banning weapons would decrease violence in America. Stephen E. Wright, author of “From the Bluff,” claims that the principle focus of anti-gun teams is on gun possession (par. 2). Anti-gun teams declare that if residents didn't personal weapons, fewer crimes could be dedicated. Though taking away weapons seems to be plan to scale back crime, it isn't a sensible one. Banning gun possession might have an impact just like the Prohibition Act of 1920. In 1920, the American authorities put a ban on all alcohol in america. One of many central concepts behind the Prohibition Act was to create a safer America for its residents. The Prohibition Act didn't make for a safer America; nonetheless, the impact of the Prohibition act was the event of widespread organized crime, leading to a improve within the variety of criminals. Jeff Hill, author of “Defining Second Prohibition,” explains, widespread disregard for the prohibition act resulted in corruption of presidency officers, police forces and legislation enforcement (75). Authorities statistics present that crime truly rose in the course of the prohibition years, opposite to what the federal government believed would happen (Hill, 76). The banning of weapons might have the identical impact because the Prohibition of alcohol. Prohibiting weapons might create extra widespread organized crime and an elevated variety of criminals, as it could be a felony act to buy or personal a gun. Whereas the concept that fewer weapons would result in much less violence in America appears affordable, when the results of the Prohibition Act of 1920 are thought-about, it's seen that the prohibition of weapons might have very damaging penalties. One other frequent perception of gun management advocates is that elevated buying rules will assist stop gun violence. The overall present regulation system for buying weapons consists of a easy background verify, often on the primary buy of a gun, with a 5-day ready interval. Within the Opposing Viewpoint article “An up to date Background Examine System Will Assist Stop Gun Violence,” the editor explains that the present background verify system must be fastened (par. 11). The assorted loopholes within the present background system are a important focus of the gun management advocates. To repair the varied loopholes, gun management advocates consider the federal government ought to collect everybody’s title that ought to be prohibited from shopping for a gun and put her or him within the system for monitoring and they need to require a background verify for each single gun sale, not simply on the primary buy (An Up to date Background). The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act fastened these points introduced by way of the Nationwide On the spot Legal Background System Examine (Jacobs and Potter). Gun management advocates considered the Brady Act as a optimistic step in direction of reducing violence in America. Nevertheless, the act has not decreased gun violence like gun management advocates believed would happen. The view that the Brady Act was a easy answer to the gun violence drawback shouldn't be solely false, but additionally creates nice expense for the federal government. The issue associated to gun violence shouldn't be the present background verify system; as a substitute the issue lies in the usage of unlawful weapons. Amy Roberts, author of By the Numbers: Weapons in America, explains that every yr an estimated 40 p.c of all weapons bought in America are by way of unlicensed, non-public sellers (Roberts). 1000's of gun exhibits are held every year in America; it's at these gun exhibits the place 1000's of weapons are purchased and bought illegally every year. Most gun distributors at these exhibits don't require any background verify. Many gun management advocates really feel that most of the murders and shootings in America wouldn't have occurred if a background verify was ran on the person buying the gun. When a gun is purchased illegally, there isn't any background verify. The vendor has no approach of understanding if the customer is a felony. An instance of the violence associated to the usage of unlawful weapons is he Columbine Excessive Faculty taking pictures in Colorado. The Columbine killers have been in a position to buy weapons illegally at a gun present from an unlicensed vendor, who required no private info earlier than promoting the weapons (An Up to date Background). This instance exhibits how simply one can receive a gun illegally; no elevated buying regulation would have stopped the Columbine killers from buying weapons. Rising buying rules won't cease a felony from getting a gun. Acquiring a gun illegally is really easy that a felony wouldn’t even suppose to undergo a registered firearms vendor. Gun management advocates’ views on gun management legal guidelines and the prevention of violence solely result in elevated spending by the federal authorities. The federal deficit at this time is round 16 trillion and rising. The view of the Brady Act as a easy answer to the gun violence drawback has been confirmed to not be true, as talked about earlier. The Brady Act presents numerous loopholes by way of which higher enforcement might stop. One loophole introduced by the Brady Act is the federal licensing system (Jacobs and Potter). Virtually anybody can turn out to be federally licensed by paying a small price and submitting required info. There's additionally no option to decide if an applicant has lied upon submission of their info for federal licensing. Inspections are not often carried out upon the federal firearm licensees to make sure cooperation concerning the Brady Act (Jacobs and Potter). The federal authorities might improve regulation concerning the federal licensing system to make sure correct Brady Act enforcement, however this requires elevated spending. Higher info necessities and elevated inspections would require elevated information processing and hiring of federal inspectors, each requiring higher spending. The introduction of latest gun management acts would require even higher spending than required by way of higher enforcement of the Brady Act, which is already in place. The recession has positioned an unlimited pressure on federal funds. Elevated enforcement of gun rules shouldn't be seen as the best want right now for presidency spending. There ought to be no additional authorities gun management in America as a result of further gun management won't decrease violence and it isn't financially possible to implement further gun management legal guidelines. The principle arguments in help of further gun management are: banning weapons would decrease violence and elevated buy rules would assist stop gun violence; nonetheless, these arguments are inadequate. There are doubtlessly damaging results concerning the banning of weapons, in comparison with the Prohibition period. Additionally, the elevated buying rules don't repair the issue of violence associated to gun management due to the unlawful or “black” gun market. Higher enforcement of the elevated buying rules might curb the usage of present loopholes. Nevertheless, higher enforcement results in higher spending by the federal authorities. Higher enforcement additionally doesn't take care of the “black” marketplace for weapons. Within the present state of the financial system it is necessary that the federal government give attention to decreased spending or spending to tug america out of the recession. Specializing in elevated gun management shouldn't be of any profit to the financial system. Elevated authorities spending by way of higher enforcement of elevated gun management legal guidelines shouldn't be essential to decrease violence, as a substitute focus ought to be shifted to other ways for lowering violence in america. By specializing in informing folks on gun security and gun legal guidelines, a brand new path could also be made for the youthful era. Works Cited "An Up to date Background Examine System Will Assist Stop Gun Violence. " Weapons and Crime. Ed. Christine Watkins. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2012. At Difficulty. Rpt. from "A Plan to Stop Future Tragedies. " MayorsAgainstIllegalGuns. org. 2011. Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Net. 1 Nov. 2012. "Firearm Legal guidelines, Rules, and Ordinances. " Gun Management: Proscribing Rights or Defending Folks?. Sandra M. Alters. 2009 ed. Detroit: Gale, 2009. 19-39. Info Plus Reference Collection. 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