Greek Life Essay
Greek Life Because the Kappa Alpha Society was based in 1825 at Union School, all however three United States Presidents have been members of a fraternity. The Greek system now accommodates 9 million members throughout 123 chapters of fraternities and sororities. 9 million folks have taken benefit of the chance to higher themselves and their universities by a fraternity or sorority. Nevertheless each time a Greek group is featured within the media, it's often for causes of an uncontrolled social gathering or hazing allegations. The media ignores the hundreds of thousands of hours devoted to group service, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of raised for charity yearly. Hazing makes headlines, philanthropy doesn't. The Greek system is ceaselessly criticized for situations of members breaking the non-hazing coverage of each chapter throughout the nation, and is often condemned for it. Hazing is an unlawful a part of many organizations, together with the navy, sports activities groups, marching bands, fraternities and sororities. Hazing once more is illegitimate in all of those organizations and is particularly addressed within the handbook of many Greek organizations. For some, hazing is seen as a ceremony of passage, and is predicted when pledging a fraternity. Regardless, this follow is definitely much less well-liked than the media makes it appear. I personally am pledging a fraternity right here at Salem State College, and have by no means been advised or pressured to do one thing I didn't wish to do. Hazing does occur although, and it sadly it hurts the picture of the Greek system as an entire. Dartmouth School, the varsity the place the famed fraternity movie Animal Home is ready, has been infamous for his or her brutal hazing practices.In an article written by an ex-fraternity member at Dartmouth, Andrew Lohse remembers the horrible acts he needed to carry out so as to acquire acceptance into one of many 17 chapters. "I used to be a member of a fraternity that requested pledges, so as to turn out to be a brother, to: swim in a kiddie pool of vomit, urine, fecal matter, semen and rotten meals merchandise; eat omelets manufactured from vomit; chug cups of vinegar, which in a single case prompted a pledge to vomit blood; drink beer poured down fellow pledges' ass cracks... mong different abuses. " Such a conduct does certainly occur at some chapters. These chapters nonetheless, are rapidly found, investigated, and when proof of hazing is evident, the nationwide chapter of that fraternity shuts down the chapter on the faculty. The members concerned will also be tried in courtroom, and face jail time and heavy fines. The aim of pledgeship is to not humiliate and demean future members; it's to construct a powerful bond with one’s pledge brothers and fraternity brothers. As advised to me by a brother after I requested if we had been ever going to be hit, he answered, “no, this fraternity is made up of my buddies and I don’t find out about you, however I don’t hit my buddies. ” All through pledgeship we're advised to go searching at one another and notice that the gentleman in our fraternity should not simply faculty buddies, they'll be standing beside us at our wedding ceremony and searching over us at our funeral. As my pledgeship winds down and my initiation approaches, I can truthfully say that I'm a lot totally different than I used to be a number of months in the past. My management capability has elevated immensely; I used to be elected the president of my pledge class and have taken on extra duty than I ever thought myself able to. I discover myself not afraid to tackle a problem, or step up as a pacesetter in my lessons and actions. A fraternity doesn't simply profit a person on a private degree, within the skilled world; it's a large benefit over competitors for a job. Proper now, 85% of Fortune 500 executives had been part of Greek life. The huge community of alumni branching the world over opens up quite a few prospects for employment. The Greek group takes care of one another, and when an employer sees potential worker was Greek in faculty, they mechanically have a bonus. If the worker was in the identical chapter because the employer, that benefit turns into even larger. Being in a fraternity opens up doorways for 1000's of school graduates yearly. Warren Buffett, named one of the influential folks on the earth by Time journal, was part of my fraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi. Buffett has additionally been on the listing for the richest man on the earth quite a few occasions. Many profitable businessmen, politicians, and group leaders since 1825 are the merchandise of Greek life on their faculty campuses. The general public ceaselessly condemns the Greek system when members select to interrupt the regulation, nonetheless the system isn't counseled when the identical members elevate 1000's of for charity. Private management and duty is a talent that not many have, and can't be taught. A fraternity or sorority does educate this and extra, and develops wide-eyed freshman on a school campus into profitable adults in a really quick period of time. The Greek system has been doing this since 1825, and can proceed to mould mannequin residents for the world. Works Cited "Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy: Inside Dartmouth's Hazing Abuses. 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