GEN 499 WEEK 5 essay
n this assignment, you need to address the items below in separate sections with new headings for each. Identify the global societal problem-POVERTY AND INCOME INEQUALITY within the introductory paragraph. Conclude with a thesis statement that states your proposed solutions to the problem-ATTACHED Describe background information on how that problem developed or came into existence-PROVERTY AND INCOME INEQUALITY Show why this is a societal problem. Provide perspectives from multiple disciplines or populations so that you fully represent what different parts of society have to say about this issue. Construct an argument supporting your proposed solutions, considering multiple disciplines or populations so that your solution shows that multiple parts of society will benefit from this solution. Provide evidence from multiple scholarly sources as evidence that your proposed solution is viable. Interpret statistical data from at least three peer-reviewed scholarly sources within your argument. Discuss the validity, reliability, and any biases. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of these sources, pointing out limitations of current research and attempting to indicate areas for future research. (You may use visual representations such as graphs or charts to explain statistics from sources.) Evaluate the ethical outcomes that result from your solution. Provide at least one positive ethical outcome as well as at least one negative ethical outcome that could result from your solution. Explain at least two ethical issues related to each of those outcomes. (It is important to consider all of society.) In conclusion rephrasing your thesis and then presenting the major points of the topic and how they support your argument. IT IS OK TO USE THE ATTACHMENT BUT WITHOUT THE BIBLIOGRAPHY PORTION. ADD AND ADDITIONAL 600 + WORDS HITTING ON THE POINTS MENTIONED ABOVE. I HAVE ALSO ATTACHED WHAT I SUBMITTED FOR A ROUGH DRAFT AND THIS CAN BE USED AS WELL. -research paper writing service