Free Will vs. Determinism

1. Introduction: Introduce the problem of free will. What is the problem? What are the three positions?

Present the argument for “free will-ism”

What does it mean to have free will, according to free will-ism

What is one reason to think we have such “free will?

Is this actually a good reason to think we have free will, though? Explain.

Consider one objection to the free will-ism position

Assess whether this (above) is a good objection

Present the argument for determinism

What does it mean to have free will, according to determinism?

Explain one reason to think we do NOT have free will

Explain the compatibilism position (aka. soft determinism)

How does it define free will?

Explain how compatibilism tries to make sense of moral responsibility.

State one objection to this argument for moral responsibility

Conclusion: State what you personally evaluate as the most supported position among the three. Explain your reasoning.

present concepts and views that are clear, precise and accurate

be entirely in your own words

be well-organized & you do not digress.

select appropriate aspects of the issue for discussion

not commit any informal fallacies (presented in lecture notes)

employ reasoning that is clear, logical, and understandable

consider opposing viewpoints

ultimately take a definite position on the issue, but only after impartially considering all sides

provide appropriate and cogent reasons for the position taken

give appropriate reasons for rejecting any alternative views

consider reasonable objections against own position; & give sufficient responses to such objections

explain how the reasons for rejecting these objections are clear

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