Frankenstein assignment: Witness of The Monster’s murdering
Query description Witness Duties- Character: Henry Clerval- Write a one paragraph character sketch of your self:- How would your demeanor almost definitely seem when on the witness stand? Why?- Discover not less than two passages that present how you might be related to the case (Frankenstein and Monster should discover not less than 4):- PassageExplain relevance- Listing Three-5 issues that may have to be confirmed for Frankenstein to be responsible. Daring the assertion that almost all applies to your testimony:- Do you consider that Frankenstein is responsible or not responsible? Why?- Write a witness assertion for the attorneys to learn. Make sure you embrace: title, residence, occupation, and particulars about your interplay with the accused (within the case of Frankenstein, interplay with the Monster), and not less than one direct citation of one thing you heard Frankenstein say: