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Respond to each question with a short essay answer demonstrating your learning from this course. QUESTION 1 1. Describe Bolman and Deal's (2017) Political framework and explain how you could use this concept or skill to exercise leadership. QUESTION 2 1. In your own words explain the concept of Mental Models (e.g. Senge, 1995) and discuss why this concept is important for someone exercising leadership to understand. What are the potential dangers of unexamined Mental Models? QUESTION 3 1. When an organization goes through major change, what are some of the issues that develop that can impact stakeholders? QUESTION 4 1. What are the characteristics of excellent visionary companies? QUESTION 5 1. Describe Bolman and Deal's (2017) Symbolic framework and explain how you could use this concept to exercise leadership. QUESTION 6 1. From what you have learned so far what are the most significant concepts to understand for leading change and adaptation in organizations? QUESTION 7 1. Discuss the potential benefits and risks of reframing and how reframing impacts your understanding of leadership. QUESTION 8 1. Discuss leadership and the role of conflict and/or ethical issues in organizational change. QUESTION 9 1. Explain Bolman and Deal's (2017) Structural Frame and Human Resource Frame. How might either of these frameworks potentially impact organizational culture and processes? QUESTION 10 1. Discuss the Curse of Cluelessness as described by Bolman and Deal (2017) and explain why this concept is especially relevant to current issues. How does this idea impact how you will exercise leadership? -research paper writing service