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Week 8 – Final 

 Readings: Review book for comprehensive Final Exam. 

 Discussion: 

 Discussion 9 (Article Review): Present and discuss one article from your abstract reference 

list of Week 4. Attach the article to the discussion. Read and comment on two articles from 

student postings. The initial post should thoroughly discuss the article. An organized review of 

and the content of the article is adequately addressed, showing deep insight and analysis of the 

articles content. Responses to classmates contribute substantively and substantially to the 

discussion, and they extend the discussion further. Include a listing of a minimum of 10 medical 

terms from the article, presenting them in the same format as in Discussion 2 including a 

definition; however, no sentence is required. Initial post by Tuesday at 11:59pm CT; final 

comments by Saturday at 12:00 NOON CT. 

 Discussion 10 (Research Paper): Post your final paper and provide comments to classmates. 

Initial post by Tuesday at 11:59pm CT with final comments by Saturday at 12:00 NOON CT. 

 Research Paper: Due in the appropriate folder in the Dropbox area of the course by Tuesday at 

11:59pm CT. A reminder that all papers submitted via the Dropbox are automatically reviewed by 

TurnitIn® ( for originality. Please see the “Grading Criteria” section for more 

detail on the paper requirements and grading criteria. Allow yourself time to resubmit the paper if 

you get an originality score greater than 24% without the title page or reference section. If you 

choose to resubmit, the original due date is enforced and the last submission is evaluated. Minimum 

body length is seven (7) pages. 

 Final Exam: This is a Proctored Closed-Book Exam, with 100 questions. It is comprehensive, andWeek 2 – Chapter 1 – Basic Word Structure 

 Readings: Chapter 1 (Basic Word Structure) from Chabner 

 Activities: 

 Research Paper Topic: Submit the topic you intend to write about for your Final Paper 

(Medical/Healthcare/Biology) to the appropriate Discussion for approval. If you intend to enter 

a healthcare or science field, select a topic from within that field. The assignment for your 

Research Paper is writing a descriptive paper over a medical or healthcare topic of your choice. 

The Abstract Paper due in Week 4 will provide a brief one page abstract and your selected 

references from the Stafford Library. 

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