A Football Match Essay

The entrance to the field was blocked due to the large masses of crowd who came to support their respective teams. The crowd was wild with excitement. The environment was breathtaking. The Mexican wave was flowing from one end to the other. The crowd was shouting their heart out. Every individual was cheering his country […]

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History of Gaelic Football Essay

Gaelic Football has been a vital part of the Irish culture for many generations. It is a sport that brings together people in such a way that soccer does in Brazil, baseball in the U.S. and hockey in Canada. The history of Gaelic Football is very rich and passionate and even today is still an […]

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Violence in Football Essay

Violence in soccer or football is otherwise referred to as soccer hooliganism. It is unruly and destructive actions mostly buy football fans. This is violence between fans of rival football teams. Violence in football can take place either before or after a match, but it is usually common after a match. In some cases the […]

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