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Guided Response 
Reply to two classmates who examined different example than the ones you chose. Comment on whether you agree with their analysis and why. Suggest one way to make the technology integration more effective, or suggest an additional technology or activity that would enhance student learning. one paragraph each or whatever you like , but your responds dont have to be long.





The two videos that I chose to watch were “Technology in the science classroom” and “Teaching English with technology – Bad example”. Teaching English with technology, this was a bad example because of the age of the student who would benefit more from a teacher or tutor face to face.

Using technology to build your own virtual planet is incredible and can only be done with technology inside of the classroom. In this video, each student had a chance to be stimulators and experience virtual researching by tampering with variables to have a deeper understanding of the universe (McKay, M. 2010). The technology played a role of students becoming more engaged with technological tools using them to gain more knowledge. This was a good example of educationally focused technologies that are effective inside of the classroom.

I would have to say both are equally important. Technology is used inside of the classroom to increase student’s engagement and achievement through digital content and tools such as online textbooks (Fogarty, L. 2016).  We use the same technology to learn more and more about itself. Collecting data is one of the more accurate things we could ever do when using technology and learning through digital content.

Teaching English with technology was ineffective to me due to the age of the student and comprehension that I believe she was not receiving with the online tutor. Technology in the science classroom I think is effective because of the engagement and knowledge that you need to conduct experiments such as creating your own planet and testing it to see if life could live on it or not.  

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Initial Post
In your initial post, identify 
one example of effective and one example of ineffective use of technology (include a citation for each chosen source).


  • What role did the technology play?

I would say that the effective example FEA Arizona. (2012, April 3). 2012 instructional technology lesson – 1st place winner – Greenway High School because the teacher was able to use the interactive white board as a tool to enhance the math lesson and keep the student’s attention. She could keep the students engaged while effectively using the tools she had available to make the lesson as effective as she could.

The reason that I would say the ineffective example by Hussain, S. [Hussasin Shafei]. (2012, June 21). Presentation bad/good examples is because the lesson showed teachers different examples of how a teacher can present material without engaging their class. While the presenter did a good job, I believe his point was in showing how teachers who don’t know what they are doing with technology could be ineffective in their methodology.

  • Which was more important, the technology or the learning of content?

I think in both examples it was the learning of content that was more important. Both of the examples were showing the point of how to deal with technology effectively when teaching content to students both in a positive and negative way.


I think that technology is important in teaching content but the main goal and what is more important is teaching content in a clear understanding way that is the best for the students.

  • Why did you characterize each example as effective or ineffective? Justify your analysis.

I feel that instructional technology lesson – 1st place winner – Greenway High School is effective because the teacher already knows how to use the technology in an effective stimulating way. The hardest part about technology isn’t only learning about it yourself, it’s showing it to others in a way that keeps their interests.


I feel that while the presenter did a good job of presenting the information about what can happen to teachers who aren’t only familiar with technology but also not familiar with out to make technology stimulating to their students. He perfectly explain what it is to not be familiar with technology in a class room and what not to do when you are presenting something for the first time.



Effective – FEA Arizona. (2012, April 3). 2012 instructional technology lesson – 1st place winner – Greenway High School [Video file]. Retrieved from


Ineffective – Hussain, S. [Hussasin Shafei]. (2012, June 21). Presentation bad/good examples [Video file]. Retrieved from


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