FIU MAN4600 Quiz 2 covering Chapter 2
1 out of 1 factors Right Supporters of individualism imagine that folks ought to be free to pursue financial and political endeavors with out constraint. Query 2 1 out of 1 factors Right A society in which there's authorities possession of establishments however earnings shouldn't be the final word objective is following the essential philosophy of individualism. Query three 1 out of 1 factors Right A political system through which the federal government is managed by the residents both instantly or by elections is a democracy. Query four 1 out of 1 factors Right The Overseas Corrupt Practices Act permits U.S. firms to make bribes to international officers when they're an accepted a part of enterprise. Query 5 1 out of 1 factors Right One of many largest issues dealing with MNCs may be very restrictive bureaucracies. Query 6 1 out of 1 factors Right The political philosophy of collectivism is related to which of the next people? David Hume Aristotle Adam Smith Plato Query 7 1 out of 1 factors Right The worldwide precept of regulation that holds that governments have the precise to rule themselves as they see match is called the precept of sovereignty the nationality precept the territoriality precept the doctrine of comity Query eight 1 out of 1 factors Right Legislation that's derived from Roman regulation and is discovered within the non-Islamic nations and non-socialist nations is named socialist regulation widespread regulation civil regulation Islamic regulation Query 9 1 out of 1 factors Right Which isn't one of many three kinds of jurisdictional rules? the nationality precept the sovereignty precept the territoriality principal the protecting precept Query 10 1 out of 1 factors Right Which area of the world is exhibiting the very best progress charges in Web penetration? Asia Europe North America Latin America