First Draft: Persuasive International Communication Memo essay
Read UM text Chapter 9: Memorandums and Letters and using the guidelines on How to Write Better Memos*, prepare a memo for the following scenario: You work at Miami-based Wi-Fi Wonder Windshields, a company that produces windshield glass that projects 3D navigation maps on the windshield of cars. Business is going well and expansion internationally is occurring. In a meeting, your boss worries that the company is not prepared culturally to engage international clients outside of the close, regional area to South Florida. You inform her that you have just read an interesting article about international communication (the Olofsson article ) and would be happy to write a memo to all employees about conducting international relations with these specific countries. She agrees and tasks you with informing the company about the content and main ideas of Olofsson’s article and how these ideas can be useful for the mission of the company. Your goal is to give them specifics, not to tell them to read the article for themselves (Who would do that in a business setting?) You could invite them to go read it, but again, YOU giving the specifics from Olofsson. Your primary audience is the sales staff who will be traveling to sales meetings in China, Germany, Italy, Spain and Mexico; however, your customer service department, shop managers, and of course your boss, will have some interaction with these clients moving forward, so keep secondary audiences in mind. Write the memo for the internal audience of your company. Before you write, reflect on the purpose and audience(s) of your document, and think about tone (see Chapter 2). When discussing Olofsson’s ideas, you must cite her work in MLA format. PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL RECEIVE 100% COMPLETION CREDIT FOR THIS DRAFT FOR SIMPLY COMPLETING THE ASSIGNMENT TO THE BASIC SPECIFICATIONS. YOUR FINAL SUBMISSION GRADE AFTER REVISIONS WILL RECEIVE A SEPARATE GRADE BASED ON THE EFFECTIVENESS OF YOUR COMMUNICATION. *Helpful Hint: Here are some basic memo-writing guidelines I’ve learned over the years. Not all of this information is directly useful for this project, but I want you to see how memos are used in professional communication. -research paper writing service