Find the require concrete dimension prestressed force – Civil Engineering
Discover the require concrete dimension prestressed drive - Civil Engineering A pretentioned beam is to hold a superimposed lifeless load of 600 plf and repair stay load of 1,200 plf on a 55ft easy span. A symmetrical I-beam with b = zero.5h might be used. Flange thickness hf= zero.2h and net width bw=zero.four. The member might be prestress utilizing graded 270 strand. Time dependant losses are estimate at 20% of Pi. Regular density concrete might be used with f'c = 5000 psi and f'ci = 3000psi. Query a) Utilizing straight strands, discover the require concrete dimension, prestressed drive , and eccentricity. choose an applicable quantity and measurement of tendons, and present by a sketch their placement within the part. B) revised the design of half (A) utilizing tendon deflected on the third level of span, with eccentricity cut back to zero on the assist. C) remark in your outcomes. in each instances, ACI stress restrict are to be apply, you might assume that deflection are usually not vital, and tensile stress of 12*f'c^zero.5 is permissible at full service hundreds.