Financial Times #4 essay
Discussion Instructions Course Discussions: I will post a discussion/article/interview questions for you to complete during the semester in Blackboard: You will receive a score of 1-100 on your response if you meet the requirements below: • Your responses must be between 150-200 words • You must respond to at least two classmates to receive credit Note: Each response to your classmates must be between 150-200 words • Your response must relate to the material • You must check the spelling of your response before posting • Late submissions will not be accepted • Find the discussions by going to: blackboard>Unit 1/2/3 • Discussion grades will only be transferred to Blackboard after the due date (see calendar) • You need to cite your response when responding to classmates • You may not plagiarize your responses A Definition of Plagiarism: Plagiarism is when you fail to indicate when you are using someone else’s ideas, whether you’ve quoted the idea directly, or if you’ve rephrased it into your own words. Either way, you must cite your source clearly, so that a reader can identify where you found your information. If you don’t do this, it is considered plagiarism, and is taken very seriously by San Jacinto Community College. Discussions Rubric Criteria Novice Competent Proficient Quality of Posting 0-10 Positing is not relevant to question/material presented. 11-20 Posting reflects the reading and some outside source material but outside source material is not cited. 21-30 Posting reflect the reading/material outside information with proper outside source material citation. Understanding of reading & outside source material 0-10 Responds to the question/material but does not mention materials presented. 11-25 Responds to the question/material and makes references to the readings. 26-35 Responds to question posted and demonstrates understanding of material and properly cites information. Quality of reply 0-10 Response not relevant to original posting. 11-20 Response relevant to posting but fails to support position. 21-35 Response relevant to posting and supports position with factual information. -research paper writing service