financial questions
a. Your agency desires to take a position $5,000,000 in a brand new venture. There are two initiatives accessible and funding may be made in solely considered one of them. Money flows are as follows. (Increased payoff within the final yr is because of scrap worth. Yr Funding A Funding B zero -$5,000,000 -$5,000,000 1 $1,500,000 $1,250,000 2 $1,500,000 $1,250,000 three $1,500,000 $1,250,000 four $1,500,000 $1,250,000 5 $1,500,000 $1,250,000 6 $1,500,000 $1,250,000 7 $2,000,000 $1,250,000 eight zero $1,600,000 State the issue, after which valuate every of the 2 investments by payback interval, modified payback interval, IRR, NPV, and profitability index. Then justify which funding is best than the opposite. Assume that your agency's alternative value is 22%. Clarify your work is element and supply references. b. A bond has eight years until maturity, par worth is $1,000, coupon price is 6%, and is traded out there for $900. As well as, assume that the bond could also be known as in 2 years at $1,150 payoff which is par + premium. What's the bond's present yield, YTM, and YTC? Suppose that traders' alternative value reduces to five.5%, what would be the bond's buying and selling worth at the moment? Present your work intimately, and supply references. c. You could have been employed as a guide for Pristine City-Tech Zither, Inc. (PUTZ), producers of high-quality zithers. The marketplace for zithers is rising rapidly. The corporate purchased some land three years in the past for $2.1 million in anticipation of utilizing it as a poisonous waste dump website however has just lately employed one other firm to deal with all poisonous supplies. Primarily based on a latest appraisal, the corporate believes it might promote the land for $2.three million on an aftertax foundation. In 4 years, the land could possibly be bought for $2.four million after taxes. The corporate additionally employed a advertising agency to investigate the zither market, at a price of $125,000. An excerpt of the advertising report is as follows: BUS 550 Hybrid Syllabus 38 of 48 The zither business may have a speedy enlargement within the subsequent 4 years. With the model identify recognition that PUTZ brings to bear, we really feel that the corporate will be capable to promote three,600, four,300, 5,200, and three,900 models every year for the following 4 years, BUS 550 Hybrid Syllabus 39 of 48 respectively. Once more, capitalizing on the identify recognition of PUTZ, we really feel that a premium value of $750 may be charged for every zither. As a result of zithers seem like a fad, we really feel on the finish of the four-year interval, gross sales ought to be discontinued. PUTZ believes that fastened prices for the venture will probably be $415,000 per yr, and variable prices are 15 % of gross sales. The gear essential for manufacturing will value $three.5 million and will probably be depreciated in accordance with a three-year MACRS schedule. On the finish of the venture, the gear may be scrapped for $350,000. Web working capital of $125,000 will probably be required instantly. PUTZ has a 38 % tax price, and the required return on the venture is 13 %. What's the NPV of the venture? Notice: Additionally present the calculations in Excel or for those who labored on the paper, then submit an image of it.