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Legal Justice Homework

Write a 200- to 300-word response wherein you describe the distinctions between jails and prisons. Tackle the next in your comparability:

  • Determine the 4 kinds of prisons.
  • Clarify the idea of jail as a complete establishment.
  • Clarify why jails play an essential function within the felony justice system.

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Legal Justice -Dialogue Questions ( No min phrase count- doesn't have to be in APA)

1.How would you outline corrections packages? How do community-based corrections packages have an effect on prisoners? What would occur if corrections packages weren't community-based? Clarify

2.How does every kind of jail play a task within the felony justice system? How do the standards of every kind of jail have an effect on sentencing?

Accounting Homework 

Write a 350-word response to the next:

Why are corporations required to organize an announcement of money flows? Why is the assertion of money flows divided into three sections? What does every part let you know concerning the operations of an organization?

Format your response in keeping with APA pointers.

Accounting Dialogue Questions (no min phrase count- don't have to be in APA format)

1. Dialogue #1 -- Assertion of Money Flows

  • Why is it essential to convert accrual-based web revenue to cash-basis revenue when getting ready an announcement of money flows?
  • The president of Ferneti Firm is puzzled. Over the last 12 months, the corporate skilled a web lack of $800,000, but its money elevated $300,000 throughout the identical time frame. Clarify to the president how this might happen.

2.Dialogue #2 -- Assertion of Money Flows -- Transaction Evaluation

Analyze these transactions as they relate to the Assertion of Money Flows:

Pioneer Company had these transactions throughout 2011:

(a) Issued $50,000 par worth widespread inventory for money.

(b) Bought a machine for $30,000, giving a long-term notice in change.

(c) Issued $200,000 par worth widespread inventory upon conversion of bonds having a face worth of $200,000.

(d) Declared and paid a money dividend of $18,000.

(e) Offered a long-term funding with a value of $15,000 for $15,000 money.

(f) Collected $16,000 of accounts receivable.

(g) Paid $18,000 on accounts payable.

Analyze the transactions and point out whether or not every transaction resulted in a money stream from

working actions, investing actions, financing actions, or noncash investing and financing


three.Dialogue #three -- Constructing a Assertion of Money Flows (video)