Finance Misc. Exercises
1) Calculate the long run worth of four,600 obtained at the moment if it deposited at 9 % for 3 years. 2)Calculate the current worth of 89,000 to be obtained in 15 years ,assuming a possibility price of 14 %. three)Nico establishes a seven-year,eight % mortgage with a financial institution requiring annual end-of-year funds of 960.43. Calculate the unique principal quantity. four)Mr.Brown has been awarded a bonus for his excellent work. His employer provides him a selection of a lump-sum of 5,000 at the moment or an annuity of 1,250 a 12 months for the subsequent 5 years. Which possibility ought to Mr.Brown select if his alternative price is 9 %. ( I've the solutions however wish to be sure that it's appropriate) Bonds Homework- Firm (ford) ; Coupon(; Maturity (july 31,2009); final worth (65.50), final yield (?) est speard(104); est ust (10); Vol. (000s) (5,100) a) based mostly on the above desk, on this buying and selling day, the variety of ford bonds which modified fingers was ? b) based mostly on the above desk, assume this bonds face worth is 1,000?. what's the bonds present market worth? c) based mostly on the above desk, what's the final yield for this bond? 2) Tangshan Coal, Inc. simply issued a 10 %, 25 12 months bond with 1,000 par worth that pays curiosity semiannually . a) how a lot can investor anticipate in annual curiosity (in dollars) b)how a lot can the investor anticipate in curiosity each six months (in dollars) c)how a lot can the investor anticipate in par worth on the finish of the 25th 12 months ? three) what's the worth of an asset which pays 200 a 12 months for the subsequent 5 years and could be offered for 1,500 on the finish of 5 years from now ? Assume that the chance price is 10 %?