Final quiz – political | History homework help

Please reply query #1 and choose two extra questions. Please guarantee your responses are referenced and cited. Every response ought to be a minimum of 250 phrases.


1. Alexis de Tocqueville frightened that "democracies" would change into overly individualistic and succumb to "democratic despotism." But Tocqueville believed that america had in his time efficiently steered away from this hazard. If Tocqueville had been alive at present, would he revise his analysis? In your reply you need to:

a) Clarify Tocqueville's concern. How precisely did he hyperlink "democracy" to "individualism," and "individualism" to "democratic despotism"?

b) Describe and clarify the forces that Tocqueville noticed in American authorities and society which checked the tendency in direction of individualism and democratic despotism.

c) Think about Tocqueville had been alive at present. Would he nonetheless be optimistic concerning the capability of Individuals to keep away from the risks he imagined? Is there proof of rising individualism within the U.S.? Are the forces in American authorities and society which Tocqueville believed checked "individualism" and "democratic despotism" nonetheless working, or have they withered? (MANDATORY)

2. Describe the powers of the President outlined within the Structure and clarify how these powers have expanded all through U.S. historical past to create the trendy presidency.


three. Theorists have concluded that the power of political events within the U.S. is declining.

What proof have these theorist used to find out the weakening of political events in

American Politics?


four. Describe the historic situations underneath which curiosity teams are prone to kind, and specify the sorts of organizations Individuals are almost certainly to hitch.


5. Utilizing the Second Treatise and the US Structure, describe some concepts that the


Structure appears to borrow from John Locke; focus on concepts that deviate from his philosophy as properly.