FAMS 160 – Homework #4 Undocumented Immigrants & Taxes Assignment Purpose:
FAMS 160 - Homework #four Undocumented Immigrants & Taxes Project Goal: FAMS 160 - Homework #four Undocumented Immigrants & Taxes Project Goal: The aim of this task is to discover the customarily debated problem of whether or not or not unlawful (undocumented) immigrants pay taxes.   1. Discover a dependable information supply from the online that solutions this query: "Do undocumented immigrants pay taxes?" Be certain that the article you choose is a brand new supply (not a tutorial paper) and reply the above query (i.e., it is not about another matter regarding undocumented immigrants.  -What sort of taxes does this text talk about?  -What proof does it present?  -What's your response to this data? Stunning/unsurprising?   Move in your response within the drop field marked "undocumented immigrants and taxes" embody the URL in your information supply in order that I can examine your sources. You have to reply all of the questions as a way to obtain full credit score.