Family Business Profile Part B


Upload the Required Information for Part B (see below) in Microsoft Word using the template provided.   Click here for Part B Template.    When submitting your profile part, avoid including the required information headings below.  Otherwise, your Turnitin similarity score will reflect this duplicate information.  See Turnitin requirements below.

For each Family Business Profile part, your similarity score must meet a threshold of no more than 20%.
Parts with greater than 20% similarity must be revised and resubmitted to Turnitin as many times as needed until the 20% threshold is achieved.
For resubmissions, it may take up to 24 hours for a new similarity score.
It is the student’s responsibility to allow enough time for resubmission of their part to Turnitin if their initial report did not meet the 20% threshold.
Profile parts with more than 20% threshold will receive a zero.

Required Information for Part B:

Your Name

Name of Family Business

Name of Family Member (Owner) Being Interviewed

List and Order of Interview Questions

Presented in bullet format
Typed out and stated as to how you will ask the question and in what order
Based on obtaining the following information:

Generation Status: Generation operating company; how many generations currently in business; presence of extended family members
Company Address
Website Address
Family Story: Who family is, why and how it started business; what family stands for
Year Founded & Timing: When company began; how timing was right for business
Company Values
Number of Locations
Community Involvement: Activities engaged in to give back to community and build goodwill
Marketing Strategies: Use of “family” status in marketing and, if so, how; primary promotional strategies and outlets
Competitive Advantages
Number of Non-Family Employees/Managers: Techniques to make non-family members feel included
Succession Planning: Succession plan developed or not; strategies used to prepare next generation leaders
Future Family Business Goals

Note:  Part C is where you will provide the responses to all of the questions asked during the interview and develop a profile of your family business.  Do not put that information here in Part B.

      5. List Major Points from Planned or Completed Interview 

If interview has not happened yet, list three additional questions you plan to ask outside of the information stated above
If interview has already been completed, list ONLY three major (most interesting, unexpected) highlights learned about family business from interview

     6. Links to all Newspaper Articles or Press Releases about the Family Business

Conduct a thorough Internet search and search of company’s own website.

     7. Competitors for Family Business

Conduct your own research to identify the top three major competitors are for this family business
Identify the three competitors
Describe how similar/different each competitor is from this family business (e.g., physical distance, product/service difference, website difference, marketing difference, etc.)

      8. Description of Social Media Presence and Usage for the Family Business and Key Family Members

Conduct a thorough Internet search.
If no social media presence, provide recommendations for what type of social media the firm should be using (based on your interview and research of their competitors)


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