Expected Return for the Portfolio Assignment
yr inventory a % inventory b% 2007 eight 12 2008 21 27 2009 -27 -32 2010 11 18 2011 18 24 present all workings please calculate the anticipated return for the portfolio of inventory A 60% and inventory b 40% weightings if the distribution of the anticipated returns is roughly regular, calculate the vary of the anticipated returns for every inventory (i.e. + or one std dev concerning the imply anticipated return) what do the outcomes for the anticipated returns and customary deviations over the 5 yr pattern for every inventory inform you? for those who had been an investor that didn't like taking dangers, which inventory wwould you like and why? calculate the covariance between shares A advert b calculate the correlation coefficient for shares A n B interpret what the correlation coeffcient is telling you concerning the relationship between shares A and B. Get Finance homework help at this time