Excelsior HUM 300 – Philosophers Christine Korsgaard
Query #1 Philosophers Christine Korsgaard and Bonnie Steinbock imagine that animals don't share the identical ethical standing as people, although they're deserving of sure rights and concerns. Philosophers Peter Singer and Tom Regan imagine that animals share the identical ethical standing as human beings. Ecological feminists imagine that nobody is actually free, until all beings are free, together with non-human animals.Which of the positions described above greatest represents your personal and why? What constitutes freedom for non-human animals, particularly? Be detailed in regards to the rights and concerns you imagine animals deserve. Particularly, do zoos and circuses maintain the identical ethical weight? Are they pointless types of leisure? Are looking and meat-eating morally equal?Is it true, as is highlighted in sure popular culture references (please see the Module Notes), that we solely love cute animals and eat ugly ones? To what extent is the reference to our hypocrisy correct or not?250 phrases APAQuestion #2Two key views in environmental ethics are anthropocentrism, that means human-centered, and ecocentrism (or biocentrism), that means nature-centered, the place people are seen as one a part of the ecosystem. Two major kinds of values related to the surroundings are intrinsic (inherent value) and instrumental (helpful). As an example, some environmentalists imagine that bushes have intrinsic worth, and as residing issues, need to be protected. Others view bushes as having worth as a result of they're helpful not directly.What's the environmental concern most necessary to you? Present a rationale to assist your opinion. Do you method it from an anthropocentric or ecocentric viewpoint and why? What are the intrinsic or instrumental values that you simply think about?Present no less than one fb or SNS hyperlink that greatest represents your present challenge. Share a synopsis of the knowledge out of your chosen website. To what extent does the positioning symbolize the entire moral concerns of this challenge?250 phrases APA