exam 3 for Question 1 of 20 5.0 Points Abilities tend to-13 mcqs
Query 1 of 205.zero PointsAbilities are typically:A. steady over an prolonged time period.B. associated to tradition.C. primarily based on values.D. associated to management. Reset SelectionQuestion 2 of 205.zero PointsIndividual distinction traits have an effect on an individual's habits most when:A. the state of affairs offers clear pointers.B. the state of affairs is loosely structured.C. the individual is powerful willed.D. the individual is versatile. Reset SelectionQuestion three of 205.zero PointsWhich one of many following influences an individual's worth system?A. abilitiesB. skillsC. leadershipD. tradition Reset SelectionQuestion four of 205.zero PointsWhich one of many following have been discovered to be comparatively common values?A. Individuality and particular person dignityB. Private achievement and performanceC. Equity and honestyD. Need for recognition and rewards Reset SelectionQuestion 5 of 205.zero PointsOlder generations in Western Europe and the U.S. are inclined to __________ than youthful technology.A. bemore suspicioius of authoriyB. have a stronger sense of cultural superiorityC. be extra independentD. be extra tied to their dad and mom and members of the family Reset SelectionQuestion 6 of 205.zero PointsA __________ view of ethics means that what is true or fallacious will depend on the state of affairs.A. universalistB. contingencyC. relativistD. cultural Reset SelectionQuestion 7 of 205.zero PointsUnited States legal guidelines forbid enterprise individuals to bribe others even in cultures the place bribery is predicted or essential. This strategy to ethics displays a __________ view of ethics.A. universalistB. contingencyC. relativistD. cultural Reset SelectionMark for Evaluate What's This?Query eight of 205.zero PointsMarta has simply been appointed to a prime stage government place in her firm. Which of the next management expertise is she almost certainly to want and use?A. technicalB. interpersonalC. conceptualD. organizational Reset SelectionQuestion 9 of 205.zero PointsWhich of the Huge 5 persona dimensions is most strongly correlated to job efficiency?A. concientiousnessB. emotional intelligenceC. openness to experienceD. agreeableness Reset SelectionQuestion 10 of 205.zero Points__________ is the Huge 5 persona dimension that's essential in jobs akin to administration that require social interplay.A. Emotional intelligenceB. ExtraversionC. Openness to experienceD. Agreeableness Reset SelectionQuestion 11 of 205.zero PointsLocus of management is an indicator of:A. how a lot management an individual wants.B. how a lot contril an individual feels he/she has.C. the management stage of leaders.D. management out there within the state of affairs. Reset SelectionQuestion 12 of 205.zero PointsWhich of the next greatest describe Kind As?A. Kind As are strategic thinkers who're proactive.B. Kind As attempt to do extra in much less time.C. Kind As are keen to chop corners to attain their targets.Query 13 of 205.zero PointsThe chief's energy will increase when workers:A. are motivated.B. comply along with her choices.C. don't resist a call.D. are dedicated to her choices. Reset Choice