ETH/316 Final Exam
ETH/316 Remaining Examination MATCHING: Utilizing the referenced Key Phrases and Definitions under, reply questions 1 via three: Reference: Matching Key Phrases and Definitions a) Stake b) Major stakeholder c) Secondary stakeholder1. Enterprise companions, clients, and workers.2. An curiosity, declare, or proper to one thing.three. Opinion formers, neighborhood, and authorities.four. Group cultures fluctuate broadly, even throughout the similar business.5. In line with the authors, moral habits is outlined as: a) a set of ethical ideas or values that information a person b) guidelines of habits set by the Federal authorities c) ideas, norms, and requirements agreed upon by society d) not one of the above6. The ___________ method to moral determination making focuses on how folks truly make moral choices. a) prescriptive b) descriptive c) illustrative d) regulatory7. In line with a survey of executives, most respondents would somewhat deceive workers about efficiency than confront them about efficiency issues. a) True b) Falseeight. The Tailhook scandal is an instance of: a) Administration focusing an excessive amount of on the ends somewhat than the means. b) The moral Pygmalion impact. c) Social studying idea. d) Workers ignoring management’s clear message.9. In line with the Government Moral Management Popularity Matrix, ___________ is an government characterised as a weak “ethical person” and a robust “ethical supervisor.” a) Unethical chief b) Moral chief c) Ethically impartial chief d) Hypocritical chiefMATCHING: Utilizing the referenced Key Phrases and Definitions under, reply questions 10 via 13: Reference: Matching Moral Kind to Instance a) Human useful resource concern b) Battle of curiosity c) Buyer confidence concern d) Use of company sources10. Accepting a bribe.11. Discriminating in opposition to an worker.12. A product is unsafe for human consumption.13. Offering a private reference on company letterhead.14. Managers on the prime ranges of a company report feeling essentially the most pressured to compromise their ethics.15. Which of the next is true? a) Discrimination is an intentional bias that impacts habits. b) Discrimination happens every time one thing aside from impacts how an worker is handled. c) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination in opposition to people who are beneath 40 years outdated in opposition to age discrimination. d) Discrimination is at all times overt and clear.16. Which of the next is false? a) Lawrence Kohlberg developed the cognitive ethical improvement idea by learning male grownup habits. b) The cognitive ethical improvement idea focuses totally on how folks resolve what plan of action is morally proper. c) Cognitive ethical improvement is a person distinction that impacts the way in which folks take into consideration an moral dilemma. d) People can comprehend and use all levels of reasoning under their very own.17. Earlier than the start of the twentieth century, customers didn't have the fitting to sue producers.18. ___________ perceive and observe the foundations and insurance policies of the group. Additionally they have good moral compasses.19. Most enterprise managers depend on a deontological method.20. In line with the Company Social Duties (CSR) pyramid, the __________ duty is taken into account to be of main significance to organizations.21. In line with cognitive ethical improvement idea, people transfer to a greater reasoning stage:22. Groupthink happens when:23. On this instance of a battle of curiosity, ________ performed a sequence of off-the- books partnerships that have been used to cover the organization’s debt and inflate its inventory worth. The partnerships have been managed by the company’s executives who stood to revenue essentially the most from the transactions.24. When speaking a code of conduct:25. Federal regulation prohibits discrimination in opposition to people with particular traits. Which of the next traits is just not on that record (i.e. not protected beneath Federal regulation)?26. Company social duty (CSR) consists of which 4 sorts of duties:27. John works for Kinjo’s Printing Providers in the course of the day and Joe’s Diner at evening. This can be a battle of curiosity. a. True b. False28. Which of the next is false?29. In a 2002 ballot, _________ ranked final on the “who do you belief scale.”30. In line with the authors, most persons are guided by a strict inner ethical compass and won't be swayed by group components.