Essay Paper on politics and culture of the cold war
Essay Paper on politics and tradition of the chilly battle This semester, we've watched two motion pictures of an analogous style about submarine warfare through the Chilly Warfare period: The Hunt for Purple October (1990) and Okay19 - The Widowmaker (2002), each of which must be accessible on Netflix. Your task is to organize a written paper, AT LEAST three (three) pages in size, which compares and contrasts the best way that the Soviets are portrayed in every film. There are three several types of characters to look at: officers, crew and civilian management. Subjects for consideration are the connection between officers and crew, the connection between the officers and civilian management of every nation, how orders are carried out by the crew, the quantity of supervision the crew requires, the variations in the best way the crew behaves (conscription versus voluntary army service), and many others