Environment Science essay
Please complete a research paper Foot and Mouth Disease. https://www.invasivespeciesinfo.gov/terrestrial/pathogens-and-diseases/foot-and-mouth-disease The parameters for the paper are as follows: 1 cover page 2 full pages of content 1 works cited page The works cited page should contain at least three properly cited (APA) reputable sources (other than your textbook or the link that I provided to everyone on the topics page) size 12 times new roman font one inch margins third-person point of view please reference the rules for academic honesty regarding plagiarism located in the student handbook The areas that should be covered in your paper are as follows: Introduction of topic, including common and scientific name, and area of natural habitat. How the species migrated to its invasive habitat and how if affects that new area. What is being done to control or eradicate the species from its invasive habitat. Feel free to include other information that is pertinent to your topic. -research paper writing service