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Instructions: Log into Saber’s virtual library and locate two articles. You can choose from one my topics below or you can select a topic that you are interested in the field of medicine. After you have located the 3 articles fill out the chart below. If you have any questions contact me through email. Copy and Paste this link to get to LIRN: http://www.sabercollege.edu/virtual-libraries/references/ Topics: Gait Training Lower Extremity Amputee Rehabilitation Rotator Cuff Tears Opiates and addiction Complete the following chart: Topic Selected Title of Article Author Year of Publication Summary of Article Instructions on how to log into Saber’s virtual library: Please follow the steps: 1. Go to the site: http://www.lirn.net/ (Links to an external site.)2. Click on databaseso You need to enter the College ID #: 38119o Once logged in, the services available will appear on a menu.3. Click on Health and Medical4. Click on elibrary: You may choose any topic in the field of medicine that you are interested in5. Select three articles and post the articles in Canvas. -research paper writing service