English essay
The setting essay will be a traditional five-paragraph essay with the following structure: an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement three body paragraphs that discuss various aspects of the setting of the selected short story a concluding paragraph For this setting essay, you are to select one of the stories we read over the past two weeks in which historical, physical, or geographical settings shape characters and events. You can choose to write about any one of those elements of the setting or a combination of the elements. For example, the essay can approach simply the historical significance of the setting in all three body paragraphs or a combination of the elements such as two body paragraphs on the geographical elements of the setting and one on the physical. You can focus on simply one area or “mix and match” the three areas (historical, geographical, and physical) as you see fit. You may only write your setting essay based on the stories read in the "Setting Analysis" module. The story story is titled ' THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO' BY EDGAR ALLEN POE -research paper writing service