English essay
How to Respond to a Discussion Board Question 1. Your responses should be in complete sentences which are edited. The length varies, but you will need to supply a few different types of support to complete the response. Usually a paragraph of about eight sentences is considered long enough, but the content has to be developed. Make sure to edit your work for grammar and language. Use formal English and standard grammar and spelling. 2. The other two responses are those which are replies to other postings from your peers .They should be supported with examples too. People most generally lose points on these for giving overly brief and general types of replies. If you agree or relate with something a peer has expressed, it's fine, but you should state what the peer's idea is and why are responding to it. It is not enough just to state your agreement. You should explain why using examples. At At least two of your three responses should be posted by Saturday night. If you wait to write most of them until Sunday, you will lose points. You should read everyone's posts and replies in order to fully be part of the discussion. -research paper writing service