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Select one to write down round 350-400 phrases Possibility 1: William Whittington’s chapter, “Mixing Man and Machine in Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” analyzes particular scenes and breaks down the mechanics of sound and their relationship to narrative content material. What does Whittington imply by the “interpenetration of the person vs the machine” reasonably than “a binary between man and machine?” Seek advice from the studying and examples from the movie. Possibility 2: Boots Riley’s movie Sorry to Trouble You closely attracts on class and racial distinction. What did you consider “white voice”within the movie? How does it perform narratively and thematically? What's the impact of utilizing completely different actors and dubbing their voices, reasonably than use the actors’ precise voices? Possibility three: What themes and similarities do Illusions and Sorry to Trouble You share? In your reply, ensure to debate at the very least one of many vectors of distinction portrayed within the movies (e.g., class, gender, and/or race), and look at how sound helps to elucidate these vectors. -research paper writing service