Employment Law U4 essay
Unit IV Journal Directions What are some examples of age discrimination underneath the Age Discrimination Employment Act? Focus on when age could be a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ). As the top of human sources, what suggestions would you need to forestall your organization from violating this act? Your journal entry should be no less than 200 phrases. No references or citations are obligatory. Unit IV Scholarly Exercise Directions You're the useful resource supervisor of Blue Bell Freight, a big trucking firm. You could have simply employed a brand new driver, Shirley Williams. Shirley is of African American descent. The corporate did a bodily on her as a brand new rent. The corporate nurse knowledgeable you that she has lupus. You might be involved that her well being might have an effect on her driving potential. Write a memo to the CEO describing your authorized issues and relevant statutes and legal guidelines regarding discrimination. What plan of action do you advise the CEO to take, and why? Think about affirmative motion insurance policies in your response. Your memo needs to be no less than one full web page, comply with APA tips, and cite no less than one reference. -research paper writing service