Education essay
These questions can be answered briefly in 1-3 sentences. 1. How does the Matthew Effect pose a challenge for educators? 2. What are aspects of the family or home environment that influence reading development (list 2-3)? 3. How does the depth of orthography of a child’s language affect their reading development? How is it related to the presentation of a reading disability? 4. In your own words what is dyslexia? What are some of the ways that you, as an educator can work with children with dyslexia? These two questions should be answered in 200 words. Please cite at least two sources and use in text citations in your response. (Note: word count needs to be followed and sources need to be included) Use the Reading Rockets website to answer the last question. 1. Explain how cognition and brain science is related to readings. Use the reading and videos from this section to answer this question. 2. Use the readings, videos and your own reflections to 1) explain why reading is important across the lifespan; 2) explain how you can use what you learned this week in your practice with children and youth. If you need more inspiration to answer this question please explore Reading Rockets. Please use the resource to answer questions. -research paper writing service