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May 30 2021


In the “High concept high touch”, Pink claims that “The high-concept abilities of an artist are often more valuable than the easily replicated L-Directed skills of an entry-level business graduate.” The claim implies that having the ability to do something that overseas knowledge workers cannot do cheaper, or powerful computers cannot do faster and that satisfies the non-material desires of an abundant age is valuable than simply having basic skills from school. The ability to develop artistic beauty to detect opportunities and direct patterns and to craft a satisfying narrative that involves the ability to engage, empathize and understand the subtitles of human interactions to find happiness and elicit to others is essential in the current world than having basic knowledge on the basic concepts of how to operate a machine or use technology. The author highlights that the American investment banks are now hiring Indian MBA professionals to charge cheaper rates to do the same assignments that the American graduate would initially execute. Also, he reveals that most graduates full of hope who have graduated to come to start their career journeys have been frustrated as jobs are now moving overseas. Pink further notes that the US will transfer more than half a million jobs overseas in the future if the trend continues. In a sampled company McKinsey, there were 61 percent employees with MBA degrees in 1993, but 5 years down the line, the percentage was down to 43%. Therefore, his argument is that the MFA(master of fine art) is becoming more and more valuable than the MBA(master of business administration).

Confirming thesis

From a logical analysis of facts presented in Pink’s book, a MBA graduate in the contemporary age has no equivalent value to that of the 1980s in America, and the phenomenon may be the same for South Korea and the other world. The current education system consists of methods of enhancing the ability of an L-directed brain in the students. Currently, students are only thinking of an MBA as their final destinations in education. This is posing the problem of having more MBA holders on the market than what is needed currently. There are better and easier ways of replacing the MBAs on the market that already flooded. For instance, with the current tremendous developments in technology, having come up with more computer programs, it is possible that many of the things that were done by the MBA holders can now be done by these computers and computer programs. The “High concept high touch” also states the medical students who have even scored higher in their tests and have best grades as well as the best analytical skills will take longer to understand and diagnose a patient or be able to detect problems as compared to those students who are simply trained in narrative medicine. This is why the United States government, through the University of Colombia, is currently advocating for the need for narrative medicine training to all medical students in the country and other parts of the world as a move to promote healthcare service delivery and care outcomes. Another example is that our society is becoming more and more abundant materially, and the range of choices that people can make is increasing. In the past, when a company made an item, it was enough considering only the quality and price of the item, but now it should also consider aesthetically good design that captivates customers. Given that, the importance of the MFA is increasingly emphasized, and the preference of MBA is decreasing.

Contradicting thesis

The power of L-directed education should not be underestimated. The power of L-directed education in transforming people’s lives is still significant even in today’s world. Therefore, it is not entirely accurate that a talented artist is more valuable than an MBA degree holder. Top organizations still require the expertise of the methods learned in school by MBA degree holders; otherwise, why would American invest banks still require MBA holders in India for their company? In essence, the concept that L-directed education is inferior to talent is a fallacy that can be proved repeatedly through the fact that talented artistic individuals such as musicians still hire MBA holders as their label managers. I think the MBA cannot be entirely substituted by an MFA for various reasons even in 21st century economies. An MBA student is highly accredited in terms of building strong corporate bonds while putting company interests first. What I want to stress is that MBA graduates are masters at managerial skills and these are the same that are required by organization to propel forward. In fact, for any organization to achieve optimal success in production and sales, the top leadership as reflected by the management must be top-notch. Given the chance to select a manager then between an MFA graduate and an MBA graduate to head company who would you select? I am so sure that the majority of people would go for the MBA graduate. Also, an individual with MBA is very important in the society than just one who is artistically talented but does not have any knowledge. For example, the L-directed education is not only attained to earn money through it, it is attained to give light to enlighten the community at large. For example, one with a degree will reason differently, education changes the thinking capabilities of individuals, and it helps individuals to use the skills that they have a professional manner. They will communicate decently to other people, they will be able to understand other people clearly and treat them in a professional way. Industries require such people for creating a good PR to the world. An individual with artistic skills and talent alone cannot represent a company to the world and market it if they do not have any knowledge on how to communicate to the outside world, or write a letter convincing the outside world to purchase their products. This requires proper thinking and can be acquired through education such as attaining an MBA in marketing.

Qualifying the thesis

I would say that high concept ability is very important and is relevant in the current world, and also L-directed education is important and should be adhered to. The advantages of MFA education and MBA education are respectively clear. It is not to say that a person with an MBA degree is superior to a person with an MFA degree. These days, MFA degrees are as valuable as MBA degrees, which have traditionally been considered valuable. If an MBA graduate has high concept skills, the person will be more competitive than anyone else. In conclusion, L-directed skills have been valuable from the past to the present, and high concept ability are also becoming as valuable as L-directed skills.
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