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scholar • Present all works for calculation, last outcome won't be accepted with out displaying the way you attain to it. The Task should be submitted (WORD format solely) • College students are suggested to make their work clear and nicely offered, marks could also be lowered for poor presentation. • College students should point out query quantity clearly of their reply. • Keep away from plagiarism, the work ought to be in your personal phrases, copying from different assets with out correct referencing will end in ZERO marks. No exceptions. • All answered should be typed utilizing Occasions New Roman (dimension 12, double-spaced) font. No photos containing textual content shall be accepted and shall be thought-about plagiarism). Q1. (four Factors) Take into account an instance of the Saudi clothes market; if the provision and demand represented as: Qs = - 200 + 4p ; Qd = 800 – p Remedy: a) Equilibrium value and equilibrium amount and calculate whole income? b) If there have been a value celling equal to 250 SAR per every fabric imposed, calculate the worth elasticity of demand? Does this take into account elastic, inelastic or unit elastic? Additionally, calculate the full income? c) Now take into account the sneakers market; if the provision and demand is: i. Qs = -100 + 3p ; Qd = 800 – 6p, calculate the equilibrium value and equilibrium amount. Additionally, calculate Complete Income. ii. If there have been a value celling of 120 SAR imposed per every pair of sneakers, calculate the worth elasticity of demand? Does the sneakers take into account elastic, inelastic or inelastic or unit elastic? Additionally calculate whole income. Trace; plug the brand new value on the demand curve formulation, then discover the brand new amount demand after change in costs, after that clear up for the elasticity by evaluating the proportion adjustments in P & Qd d) Evaluate the full income for the clothes market and the full income you discovered on the clothes market. Which one among product’s whole income has been elevated after the worth have been enhance and why? e) Recall half a (the fabric market) Calculate the CS & PS. Trace; it's worthwhile to set Qs=zero & Qd=zero thensolve for P to search out the intercept and calculate the CS, PS. The place the CS is the world between the intercept for demand and the equilibrium value you discovered on half a. Don't forget that this space is a triangle so fastidiously calculate the world. The identical factor for PS. f) Now, if the federal government impose gross sales tax equal to 12.5% on fabric, what's the CS, PS, authorities income, DWL and present this on the graph? Trace; value paid by the client equal 220 SAR and value obtained by vendor equal 195 SAR, the distinction is the tax per fabric. The intercept factors for the provision and demand on this half are the identical as those on half e. To search out the amount, plug both the worth for the client on the demand curve formulation or the worth for the vendor on provide curve formulation. Additionally, keep in mind CS, PS & DWL have triangle space, whereas tax income has rectangular space. Graph this manually so you may simply discover the reply. g) With out calculation, would you count on to have greater/ decrease authorities income and DWL on sneakers and why? Q2. ( 1 level) Assume that Saudi Arabia produce solely two merchandise; Espresso bean and plastic the place are the worth and amount produced are: Yr Espresso bean Plastic 2018 (base 12 months) P= 10 SAR Q= 1,000 P= 5 SAR Q= 2,000 2019 P= 10 SAR Q= 1,100 P= 5 SAR Q= 2,100 2020 P= 12 SAR Q= 900 P= 6 SAR Q= 1,900 Calculate GDP deflator for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020. Additionally, calculate the Nominal and actual GDP progress on 2019 & 2020, evaluate between them by explaining why they're totally different. Calculate the 2019 & 2020 inflation charges. -research paper writing service