Drugged-High on Alcohol Essay Format
   Please watch the documentary: Drugged-Excessive on Alcohol Then learn extra background data on the documentary ("The Rehab Racket: The Approach We Deal with Habit Is a Expensive, Harmful Mess"): https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/05/ryan-rogers-rehab-alcoholic-drugged/ After which write Response Paper 2 and add right here by Sat night time, 11:59pm. REMEMBER:  Pupil should talk about the next factors in response papers (in ESSAY FORMAT; not numbered questions): 1. One paragraph abstract (at the very least Three-Four sentences) of what documentary movie/film was about and if there was any bias (This implies: is the movie introduced from a selected biased standpoint?  Or does the movie current a balanced viewpoint, exhibiting all opposing sides?). 2. How does this documentary movie/film join or relate to OUR CLASS TOPICS AND DISCUSSIONS in addition to to your private life? (This is essential!  Make robust, particular class connections.  Should you state, "The movie is about habit and the category is about habit," that's NOT a robust, particular connection, and you'll not get full credit score. Provides numerous particulars!  Check with the eText and different sources we have been discussing!).  Three. What did you study on this documentary movie/film in relation to concepts we've got coated in school?  (State one thing NEW you discovered concerning the matter from the documentary).  Four. What was your response and opinion of the documentary movie/film, and would you suggest it to future courses? (That is the place you present your critique of the movie. Clarify WHAT makes it recommendable or not; Clarify WHY you suppose it is a good--or bad--film). I NEED THIS BY 7PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME SATURDAY JUNE 1ST, 2019.