Do You Agree That Progress Is Always Positive? Essay

“Progress” is often regarded as a optimistic factor. When folks say, “He has made some progress,” others understand it as a optimistic idea. A lot of the [1] occasions, progress is optimistic, and optimistic progress can profit one in many alternative methods. [2] However there are occasions when progress can be dangerous and [3] give unfavorable results. Thus, will probably be [4] most secure to say that [5] progress is [6] a “problem.”

One’s progress can promote quite a few [7] salutations. It may present guiding rules by letting one acknowledge new concepts [8], thus making him/her extra knowledgeable and clever, and progress also can present extra alternatives [9].

[10] This chance is seen often when somebody [11] obtain some progress [12] and his meaning to stretch out extra. Thus stepping ahead and making progress may [13] sound at all times promotive and protected. [14] However let’s study the conditions when progress can [15] work counterly and change into unfavorable.

“Making progress” could be [16] reiterated as stepping ahead. [17] However who mentioned that one will at all times revenue out of stepping ahead? Someday [18] taking progress can [19] be depressing.

[20] Consider case when folks in inventory markets take a problem and make a progress. [21] No person is aware of what the result will [22] appear to be and lots of occasions [23] they lose most of their cash. [24] So progress [25] could be optimistic, however [26] additionally [27] unfavorable [28] ; identical to flipping a coin.

The primary theme of the novel, “Father of the Fathers” by Bernard Weber offers an ideal instance of misguided progress. Though the primary character [29] seek for the “lacking hyperlink” of human evolution, each time he [30] progressed to understand one thing new, he [31] continued to fall deeply into “lacking hyperlink: and [32] change into an increasing number of confused. Lastly he [33] finds out that [34] current human is the lacking hyperlink and [35] it [36] is rarely comprehensible, he offers up. Subsequently, [37] groping progress can typically [38] informative and optimistic, [39] it may be disastrous and misguiding.

[40] Conclusively, progress isn't at all times [41] a optimistic motion. It may definitely be informative, salubrious, and [42] offering alternatives, but it surely may be depressing, misguiding, and even dangerous. Subsequently, [43] taking a progress is a problem. [44] If progress is at all times optimistic, whey doesn’t everybody progress at any time?