Public University has a policy that bans “inappropriate” signs and banners at all athletic events. James, a student at Public University, was ejected from a game and immediately suspended from school (without a hearing) for holding a sign that called for the firing of the football coach. University officials justified the policy as a promotion of greater sportsmanship. 1) Based on the material in the textbook, including your analysis of appropriate case law, do you believe the University’s policy is a violation of the First Amendment’s protection of freedom of speech? 2) Why or why not? 3) Under what circumstances do you believe such a policy could be justified (give at least two [2] situations)? These need to be answered in question form and not paper form.  Please be very detailed and make sure to cite everything and be very specific in responses. i would like to get this back by Thursday 5pm EST Be sure to: 1) identify the legal source of the issue; 2) use and define the legal words/phases that apply; 3) include a minimum of two [2] internet references; 4) properly ci