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Write 1 paragraph for every query. Dialogue questions: Describe how the creator strikes by time on this story. What instruments are used? Are the time transitions clunky, or do they really feel pure? Use an instance to make your level. Select a second that's summarized and write it in scene. Do you agree with the creator's option to summarize, or would a scene have been more practical? Select a scene and summarize it. Which has extra impression? What's the story's thematic concern? In what method does the title replicate the theme? What characters or objects are symbolic, and what would possibly they symbolize Reply to 2 of the friends' writing workouts. 1 paragraph per every. 1. From Jia:" What characters or objects are symbolic, and what would possibly they symbolize? I discovered many issues within the story to be symbolic and the obvious to me was the water symbolizing a brand new world or a lover. It looks as if the creator symbolize drowning as first a soul within the water ready for somebody to exchange them ( i.e the one who drowns can be changing a soul who had drowned up to now) I additionally assume the creator personified going to a brand new world with drowning. The creator describes Wen's daughter's disappearance as probably her going to a brand new world or discovering her lover within the water. I believe most who learn by this story would agree that his daughter possible drowns, however perhaps they used symbolic methods of recalling the previous tragedy to ease the ache that it triggered the household." 2. From Charles: " What's the story's thematic concern? In what method does the title replicate the theme? The theme of the story is the connection between water in Chinese language tradition and Chinese language folks's emotions for water. Possibly this will appear just a little exhausting to grasp, and I'll attempt to clarify it. To start with, in Chinese language tradition, water is the supply of all issues. Water is so versatile that it may possibly include all the pieces on the planet. For instance, when the article describes the Yangtze River, it says "the Chang Jiang runs 4 thousand and miles, originating within the Himalaya Mountains the place it crashes, flecked with gold mud". Sure, though there isn't any gold mud within the Himalayas in actuality, individuals who develop up beneath Chinese language tradition will nonetheless respect it and assume it's sacred, so that there's gold mud. Second, the article additionally mentions the soul within the water, that's, the soul of the drowned. In Chinese language tradition, drowning individuals are unable to go to hell (totally different from the hell in western tradition, whether or not you might be good or unhealthy, that you must go to hell to simply accept the judgment, whether or not you may return to the world and change into a brand new particular person). They need to discover a alternative for his or her souls trapped within the water to cheat the messengers of hell to get the prospect to go to hell. So there has that story within the water. To date, we will see two issues: the great and the unhealthy of water. She is the supply of life that breeds all issues. In Chinese language tradition, the Yangtze River is known as "mom", however on the similar time, it incorporates every kind of risks. So the title of water will depend on how the particular person is going through the water, which is the way in which the title "water identify" displays the theme. -research paper writing service